Leona-Cosima Piffer 

Who am I?

Born in summer, I am a sun child: I would describe myself as a free spirit: unconventional, open-minded and my head in the clouds. My enthusiasm lies not only in artistic creation, but also consuming art and culture: music, cinema, theater, as well as literary events. I find inspiration and wellbeing mainly in nature, while traveling and listening to music. I have been studying philosophy at the university of Innsbruck since 2020.

What does art mean to me?

For me, art means analyzing and recognizing what surrounds me. Because of my personal story I am shaped by an empathic, interpersonal perception that enables me (mostly) a deep insight to the well-being of different people; this in turn enables me to have an eye for details, be it a detail of a human personality structure or the detail for a harmonious composition of a painting. Only the detail enables me to see the whole. This exactly is art for me. 

 I think art is a form of meditation in a world that is shaped by fast pace, which often denies us the calm view of our surroundings.